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Our business motto states that we will work with you and your associates at your convenience to personally take you through our services and product range onsite as well as providing onsite after sales support as required.

Intercom Repair and Installation

• Intercom system repair / Installation / service
• Access control systems Installation / repair
• Transponder Chip Key
• Wireless intercom Systems
• Commercial Audio Intercom System
• Commercial Video Systems
• Residential Answering Intercom Systems
• Repair or Replace Intercom Systems
• Intercom Systems Wireless Repair
• Drive Thru Intercom Repair
• Drive Thru Intercom Installation
• Intercom Systems Wireless Installation
• Wireless Intercom repair / Installation
• Intercom System Repair / Installation / Service NYC
• Access Control Systems Installation / Repair NYC
• Transponder Chip Key NYC
• Wireless Intercom System Repair
• Commercial Audio Intercom Systems
• Commercial Video Systems
• Residential Answering Intercom Systems
• Repair or Replace Intercom Systems & Component
• Intercom Systems Wireless repair
• Intercom Systems Wireless Installation


Access Control Systems
Anti-Shoplifting Systems
Biometrics Systems
Card Key Systems
Fingerprint Verification Systems
Keyless Entry Systems
Motion Detectors
Night Vision Systems
Proximity Readers
Two-Way Speakers & Intercoms
Video Verification Systems
Surveillance Systems, CCTV Systems, Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are convenient and stylish additions to the modern home and come in a variety of different designs at varying prices – meaning you can tailor the cost to suit you! There are a variety of audio entry system choices on the market today.

  • Features include: Different entry panel finishes, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, etc
  • Privacy switches on the door phone in case of nuisance calls
  • Table or wall mounted phones Large variety of electric locks to suite most style and types of door
  • Tradesmen button – to allow service personal, etc access at specific times of the day

Here is why you should use our Intercom Installation Services: Budget & Professional range Intercom System. ( Both Audio & Video Intercom) Quality Intercom parts with minimum of 1 year warranty. Affordable and reliable yearly Intercom maintenance packages. 3 Months free maintenance on all Intercom systems Installed by our engineers. Latest technology Intercom systems available – Ethernet Intercom System (Cat5 Intercom) Professional Intercom Installation under a Day.

Home Intercom SystemVideo Intercom A ‘Video Intercom’ system gives you the ability to see the person behind the door and talk to them before opening the door. At almost half the price you can purchase an Audio Intercom system. Door Intercom systems are usually Installed for flats, apartments, detached houses, offices and commercial buildings. Intercom Installation and Maintenace has never been easier. We are the professionals when it comes to Intercom Installation. Just contact us for a free no obligation quotation. (We Repair any Intercom system regardless of age and model, in greater New York City).

Video Intercom Project Consulting – Our experienced project consultants will review all your Intercom needs and facilities to recommend the intercom system customized for your needs. Contact Us Today for a no-obligation discussion of your Wireless Intercom project.

Video Intercom Installation Support – Get installation support from our Wireless Intercom experts with our system integration and configuration services, phone, and email support.